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Where Early Childhood Education Takes Flight


About Chickadees & Bumblebees

Where Early Childhood Education Takes Flight

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Chickadees & Bumblebees is a year-round preschool learning facility designed for children ages 2-5. Taught in a rural in-home setting by a licensed and certified former public schools teacher, this preschool is designed for families seeking quality early childhood education. The nature-based STEAM program provides students hands-on learning experiences while creating memories. We invite the children of our community to grow into leaders, scholars, and--above all else--compassionate human beings through being a part of our program.

Preschool operates year-round, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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Give Your Child Wings

Our program blends the beauty of nature with the skills of tomorrow, creating a well-rounded STEAM early childhood education. Students engage in the learning process through observation, exploration, and experimentation. Play, both indoors and outdoors, is an essential part of early childhood education. Through play, children put into practice their understanding of the world. Play gives children opportunity to build social skills and communication skills, solve problems, and grow their imaginations; all of these are in-demand skills for the 21st century. At Chickadees & Bumblebees, students' success is considered beyond preschool to provide them with an early childhood education that prepares them for their futures.

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Mission Statement

Children are natural explorers. Early childhood is a time for children to be inquisitive investigators, absorbing lessons from hands-on experiences and observations. With the right guides, children learn about the world around them and gain self-confidence by constructing connections. While all children do not learn in the same way, all children are capable of learning.


Meet the Teachers

Since opening in 2015, Chickadees & Bumblebees has been led by the same teacher/owner, Ms. Kari. Having the same staff provides you and your child with the comfort of knowing who will be greeting you at the door each morning and teaching for the day.

We are excited to be adding to our staff for the 2019 school year. Ms. Pam will be joining Ms. Kari as a team teacher, bringing with her 15+ years of early childhood education experience in local preschool classrooms and teaching certifications.

If children are the explorers, then teachers serve as their guides. It is my role to provide children with opportunities for positive educational experiences that ignite their natural love for learning. Children learn best from teachers who are passionate about sharing knowledge and look for teachable moments outside of their scheduled lesson plans. I have always loved teaching and feel most at peace in the outdoors. I am grateful that preschool allows me the chance to utilize both of my passions, while passing on my respect and admiration for nature.

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Ms. Kari

With over 10 years of experience in public and private schools, I lead my preschoolers toward self-confidence and independence in a safe environment. It is my goal to guide children to a better understanding of their own interests, empowering them with the skills and tools to succeed beyond preschool.

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Ms. Pam

Hello, my name is Pamela Skutt. I enjoy camping, traveling, swimming, going to the movies, and spending time with my family. I have my Associates in Child Development, my Montessori certification, and I have been in the teaching field for over 20 years. My career started as a childcare worker, and throughout the years I’ve been an assistant teacher, a lead teacher, a director, and I also had the privilege of owning my own center. All of these experiences have helped me grow as a person and as a teacher. I believe children can teach us a lot if we just observe and listen. I am so excited to start this journey with Chickadees & Bumblebees LLC, and with all of you! ! feel we make a wonderful team, and I look forward to meeting you and your children.


STEAM Education

Learning Through Exploration

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Students explore and learn about the natural environment around them, receiving age appropriate lessons in areas of biology, astronomy, botany, Earth sciences, and more.

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Students learn to use tools and innovative devices to aid in their education. Technology is used to enhance lessons, bringing knowledge to students through hands-on and interactive activities.

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Students are challenged to solve problems, working individually and in small groups, using creative thinking skills. Students have opportunities to design and construct within each unit of study.

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Students explore lines, texture, shapes, colors, and more through a variety of mediums. Art in our classroom is focused on self expression while strengthening students' fine motor skills.

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Students learn to gather and organize factual information. Early math skills such as counting, number recognition, shape recognition, measuring, size comparison, grouping, and graphing are practiced throughout our unit studies.



Becoming a Part of Our Family

Families, both nuclear and extended, are the foundation of our preschool program. We seek families interested in forming long-term, supportive partnerships to help their children succeed academically and socially. Preschool families become an extension of our own family, and together form a unique, bonded community.

To learn about enrollment opportunities for your child and tuition pricing, please contact Ms. Kari to schedule a private tour. Limited memberships remain for 2020-2021.

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